9 Soups of Winter

I’m pretty obsessed with soup. It’s such an easy way to throw together leftovers and whatever vegetables you might have on hand. While I typically do not follow any recipes when it comes to soup, I love the idea of stepping outside my barley, pulled chicken and vegetable rut into something more exotic. And what better time to make soup than when you’re stuck inside because of some crazy snow storm named Hercules?

Soups (starting top left): Spicy Pork, Chicken Pesto, Mushroom Stew, Green Pea, Smoky White Bean Chili, Sausage Kale & Sweet Potato, Fish Stew, Red Wine Beef Stew, Peanut Tomato & Chicken Stew

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4 thoughts on “9 Soups of Winter

  1. I’d add the one my wife made yesterday, if we only had a recipe.
    Just like you.
    And it was the right yummy choice to greet me once I finished digging out our 90-foot driveway. OK, maybe 60 feet of it. Enough for both cars.
    Now, for some leftovers for breakfast. Soup, that is.

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